In SharePoint development, file and document management system stores info and data in a single location, this makes it available and accessible to authorized business persons. SharePoint provides for seamless and easy integration of various systems, automates and processes business workflow, thus boosting business efficacy. Because of this, it has become the epicenter of content management strategies and enterprise collaboration in various organizations. With the SharePoint platform, the prominent features include browser based customizations, cross browser supports, simple and easy central administration, discussion boards, utilization of logging and reporting, connection to office communication exchange and server and a whole lot more. As a result, the advantages provided by the platform include easy deployment for process enhancements, dynamic web functions, flexible and secured solutions, allows for building cost effective solutions without geographical boundaries and more. With SharePoint, business processes are made easier, simpler and more effective. Members of a business organization could collaborate with each other easily and access vital information fast.

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